Asset Recovery & Management
IT, Telecom, and Network Asset Disposition

Shorter technology cycles in a competitive industry present unprecedented CAPEX and OPEX pressures. Multi-spectrum models and routine network upgrades render equipment obsolete over the course of ever-shortening time frames, increasing operation costs, maintenance, and storage requirements. Each year, billions of dollars in idle and obsolete inventory are written-off due to lack of recovery channels.

From new network implementation to legacy network continuity, we are committed to helping you manage the technology lifecycle efficiently. Take advantage of our turnkey asset recovery solutions to minimize the cost of obsolesce by generating higher returns on your recovered infrastructure investments and eliminating growing warehouse expenses.

Streamlined, Seamless,
and Stress-Free

  • Our fully managed solutions cover de-installation, transportation, cataloging, refurbishment, data sanitization, and resale of recovered assets.
  • Choose between direct buyback and consignment models and retain complete control over the transaction process. To begin the process, we will work with you to conduct thorough inspections of your new and used inventory, and design a custom recovery program best suited to your specific needs.
  • Following the inventory audit, our system engineers will itemize, sort, scan, inspect, upload, and list the equipment for resale and securely store and track assets until the transaction is completed.
  • We utilize a proprietary pricing analytics tool that monitors both real-time and historic price data to generate fair-market valuations. Items that cannot be refurbished will be recycled responsibly.
  • No job is too big or small. Our experts specialize in reverse logistics and can decommission anything from remote transceiver stations to full switch sites safely and efficiently.


  • Streamline control of your inventory
  • Retrieve residual value from infrastructure investments
  • Reduce carbon footprint and contribute to the circular economy
  • Transparent recovery process and best-in-class service

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