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The telecommunications equipment market is massive, but the supply chains are fragmented. Inefficient procurement processes rife with middlemen can make it challenging to source key assets at reasonable prices on short notice.

We aim to bridge this gap in the chain by working together with OEMs, vendors, institutional clients, and a diverse pool of end-users to provide alternative procurement channels for core networks and other key infrastructure that’s fast, needs-based, cost-effective, and reliable.

Stocked &
Ready to Ship

  • Critical infrastructure failures are costly and require quick action. Therefore, we maintain an exhaustive inventory of new, rare, and discontinued hardware – tested, cataloged, and ready to ship.
  • Year-round, our team is dedicated to ensuring we have the products you need in stock and ready to deploy. Our knowledgeable sales staff are available around the clock to assist clients with sourcing multi-vendor products and preparing logistical timelines.
  • Primed for last-mile deliveries through our extensive logistics partnerships, we can offer reliable, expedited shipping across all of the United States. All equipment is tested, configured, and fitted within cabinets before delivery and ready to be installed within your existing infrastructure.

at Its Best

  • Cost-effective sourcing from an extensive inventory
  • Overnight shipping fueled by multi-partner logistics
  • Secure payment gateways and superior customer support
  • Automated tracking and management
  • Comprehensive after-sales support and services

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