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At eNetwork Supply, we buy telecom equipment and sell telecom equipment after sanitizing the data and refurbishing the hardware. Get in touch with us if you want to sell used telecom equipment to recover your investment or to purchase the necessary equipment you need now.

Why You Should Buy Refurbished Telecom Equipment

You need reliable telecom equipment to keep your communications systems operational. Refurbished telecom equipment can be uniquely valuable in maintaining your rare telecom network equipment. In addition, buying refurbished telecom equipment can help you:

• Reduce your equipment investment cost by saving an average of 62%
• Improve sustainability of your telecom equipment
• Minimize outage times with rapid replacement lead capabilities
• Reduce the environmental impact of discarded or outdated telecom hardware

Telecom equipment buyers can find reliable, professionally refurbished hardware that saves time, money, and frustration for your company and clientele. Buyers like you can trust reputable sources like eNetwork Supply to provide sound telecom equipment when you need it.

A Small Sample of Telecom Equipment We Sell

At eNetwork Supply, we pride ourselves on our extensive selection of telecom equipment. We strive to offer even the rarest components for legacy networks to keep your coms running. Some of the most common telecom equipment we have in our inventory includes (but isn’t limited to):

• Adapters
• Control cards
• Transceivers
• Converters
• Modems
• Switches
• Modules
• Channel banks
• And much more

Our refurbished telecom equipment comes with limited warranties that help you protect your investment. With a 1% return rate and 100% customer satisfaction, you know you can trust eNetwork Supply to source reliable refurbished telecom equipment that meets or exceeds your expectations.

In addition to refurbished telecom equipment, we stock a large array of new and factory sealed hardware from popular manufacturers that include:

• ADAX Inc.
• ADC Telecommunications
• Alcatel
• Belkin
• Blonder Tongue
• Cisco
• Ericsson
• Fujitsu
• VideoTekc
• Zhone Technologies Inc.
• Over 100 additional telecom manufacturers worldwide

Our operations span worldwide, allowing us to have over 100,000 parts in our inventory that can ship overnight to your location on demand. ENetwork Supply is ready to be your preferred source for new and refurbished telecom equipment for your critical network systems.

Why You Should Sell Your Surplus Telecom Equipment

We buy telecom equipment that you no longer need. Telecom equipment providers like eNetwork Supply purchase, sanitize, and refurbish telecom equipment that is just taking up room in your storage areas. Selling your surplus telecom equipment helps you:

• Recover investment costs from unused or outdated hardware
• Reduce environmental impact from disposing of old equipment
• Recycle your equipment into the circular economy for legacy networks

These benefits work for everyone in the telecom equipment industry. You’ll save time and money and contribute to protecting the environment and businesses that depend on legacy networks. Essentially, selling your surplus telecom equipment helps to create and maintain a healthy and sustainable circular economy.

Consider selling your surplus as an integral part of managing your telecom assets and recovering equipment costs over time. And you don’t have to do it alone. ENetwork Supply can help you sell your used telecom equipment today.

How To Sell Your Surplus Telecom Equipment

Whether you need to upgrade or liquidate your telecom equipment, we can help. It’s easier than you might think to sell your surplus telecom equipment. ENetwork Supply can help you sell unused, outdated, and unwanted telecom equipment without any hassle.

Here’s how we buy your used telecom equipment:

• Send us a list of your unwanted telecom hardware parts using our online form or email us at
• Receive a fair, personalized quote from an eNetwork Supply team member within 24 hours
• Approve your quote as your official selling price
• Receive packing and shipping instructions to ensure safe shipping practices for fragile parts
• Pack and ship your telecom equipment parts to us
• Receive your payment through a secure system

In six simple steps, you can reduce your unwanted office inventory and generate revenue for reinvestment in your business or even retirement. Our expert technicians and system architects have extensive knowledge of the value of rare, discontinued, and older telecom equipment parts.

With these experts on our team, you can rest easy knowing you will maximize your return on investment. We pride ourselves on averaging 23% on ROI for recovered assets. We are happy to offer equipment sales as a part of our asset management and recovery services as well.

ENetwork Supply can help you generate a healthy return on your telecom equipment systems with affordable and cost-effective strategies tailored to your needs. Simply ask a team member today for more information on this valuable money-saving service.

Cost-Effective Telecom Solutions Providers

Telecom equipment is vital in the modern age for most industries. You need a cost-effective approach to minimize your costs while maximizing your communication capabilities. ENetwork Supply aims to provide affordable telecom equipment and continuous customer service that you depend on.

ENetwork Supply stands ready to help you, whether you are building your first telecom system, maintaining your existing telecom network, or liquidating your unwanted telecom equipment. We offer a full range of cost-effective telecom equipment services that include:

• Buying new and used telecom hardware worldwide
• Refurbishing used telecom equipment
• Providing asset management and recovery for telecom and wireless networks
• Testing and repairing your existing telecom equipment
• Sourcing new and refurbished equipment for timely deployment
• Responsible recycling with certified electronic recycling partners
• Best-in-class 24/7 customer service, including overnight shipping for critical system situations

Our expert approach to telecom equipment helps minimize the increasing costs of technological obsolescence. Selling your unwanted telecom equipment and buying eco-friendly, refurbished telecom equipment helps you quickly mitigate and recover infrastructure costs.

When you need to buy necessary telecom parts in new or refurbished condition or sell your unwanted telecom equipment, our team will be waiting. Call the eNetwork Supply team at 312-283-5983 to discuss your unique telecom equipment needs today.

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