Need to buy wireless network equipment? Or sell your old network hardware? Call eNetwork Supply at 312-283-5983 to talk with a team member.

Buying and selling wireless network equipment doesn’t have to be frustrating, expensive, or time-consuming. ENetwork Supply offers wireless network equipment solutions that can launch, maintain, or improve your network operation.

We can ship any item from our extensive inventory overnight to ensure your network stays operational. We also buy network equipment that no longer serves your purposes. You can easily buy new or refurbished network hardware or sell your old equipment at eNetwork Supply.

Buy New, Factory Sealed, or Refurb Wireless Network Equipment

Wireless equipment providers like eNetwork Supply offer a huge selection of new and refurbished hardware to keep your organization operating at its best. We have it all, from rare and discontinued products that are fully refurbished and operational to new, factory-sealed, state-of-the-art wireless network equipment.

Our wireless network equipment sales can help you:

• Launch your new network plans
• Replace your vital wireless network equipment
• Upgrade your network with reliable wireless hardware

We offer a variety of cost-effective options to meet your network needs, from our exhaustive inventory list to testing and repairing your legacy network components. Our team seeks out rare and discontinued hardware to help maintain the equipment you have come to rely on for your industry.

Take a look at our inventory or contact an eNetwork Supply staff member to discuss your wireless network equipment needs. We can ship overnight for critical network situations. Limited warranties are available on every item you need to purchase from us.

Sell Your Old Wireless Network Equipment

Whether you plan to change network equipment, downsize your network, or liquidate your network equipment, we buy your unwanted wireless network equipment. Selling your outdated, unused, and unwanted wireless network hardware can improve your return on investment.

At eNetwork Supply, we also offer buyback options and continue to seek additional inventory to meet the demands of clients like you. We buy your equipment for a fair price and even provide seamless trade-ins on certain products. Currently, we’re looking for optical network terminals in all conditions from all manufacturers.

How To Sell Your Wireless Network Equipment

The process of selling your wireless network equipment is easy with eNetwork Supply. We provide a variety of options to procure a quote on the equipment you would like to sell. The options include:

• Fill out our simple form on our website
• Call us at (312) 283-5983
• Email us at
We’ll respond within 24 hours and offer a quote for the proposed sale of equipment. After you agree to the price, we’ll send shipping instructions to help you package your equipment safely. Finally, upon the safe arrival and verification of the equipment, we’ll send your payment securely.

Thanks to our secure data destruction procedures, you never have to worry about data being stolen or used after selling it to eNetwork Supply. Our dedicated team relies on over 40 years of experience to keep your data out of the wrong hands.

Wireless Network Equipment and Products We Buy and Sell

At eNetwork Supply, we buy and sell an endless variety of wireless network equipment. We work with all manufacturers, from Adax Inc. to Zhone Technologies Inc. Some popular wireless network hardware items that we buy and sell include (but aren’t limited to):

• Routers
• Switches
• Rectifiers
• Control cards
• Adapters
• Transcoder modules
• Disk drives (SSD and HDDs)
• Transceiver modules
• Power supplies
• And so much more!

Our goal at eNetwork Supply aims to be reliable, cost-effective, and offer the highest value customer service in the industry. We buy and sell network equipment from every industry and every manufacturer. Our team prides itself on working tirelessly to become your premium wireless solutions provider.

Get in touch with our team today to see how much you can save or recover on your wireless network equipment.

We do more than buy and sell wireless equipment and hardware. We professionally refurbish old equipment to help maintain the viability of older network systems. We also recycle hardware in environmentally compliant ways to help preserve the environment and our integrity as wireless network equipment providers.

Wireless Network Equipment and Broadband Solutions Providers

Whether you need to buy new factory sealed or freshly refurbished equipment or sell your outdated equipment, we provide cost-effective solutions that you need for your industry. Wireless network equipment and broadband solutions have applications in many modern industries, including:

• Education
• Medical
• Manufacturing
• Business

No matter what industry you work in, we can help you find the wireless network equipment that you need or help you sell network hardware that you no longer need. ENetwork Supply is solution-oriented and offers a variety of services to manage technology life cycles.

Benefits of Buying and Selling Wireless Network Equipment as a Part of Asset Management and Recovery

We can take the stress out of finding a network solution that works for you. The benefits of buying and selling wireless network equipment and partnering with eNetwork Supply for asset management and recovery can include:

• Streamlining your inventory control
• Recovering residual value from your network infrastructure
• Improving network resilience
• Reducing carbon footprints
• Contributing to the circular economy

These benefits mean you’ll be maximizing your return on investment into your wireless network equipment while experiencing our best-in-class customer service. You don’t have to wait for weeks to find the right equipment to maintain or improve your network.

Why Choose eNetwork Supply for Your Network Needs

ENetwork Supply is your one-stop shop for all your wireless network equipment needs. We offer a full range of services to fulfill your network needs. Our services include:

• Buying old, unwanted, or unused wireless network equipment and hardware
• Selling new, factory sealed, and fully refurbished network hardware
• Asset management and recovery
• Testing and repairing wireless network equipment
• Simple sourcing solutions that are ready to ship

These services allow eNetwork Supply to be your premium solution for any problem your wireless network may be facing. Call eNetwork Supply at 312-283-5983 to discuss buying, selling, or repairing your wireless network equipment today.


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