Test and Repair
IT, Telecom & Network Equipment

Why buy new when we can repair your existing equipment? Telecommunications and networking hardware have a lot more life in them than is guaranteed by manufacturer warranties. This makes testing and repair an essential component of maintaining system reliability. Furthermore, in maintaining various components in legacy networks, repair may not simply be cost-effective, but it may, in fact, be the only viable solution.

eNetwork Supply repairs – we are a one-stop-shop for your multi-vendor network maintenance needs. We undertake testing and repairs of optical, IP, and radio telecommunication equipment. Our services are performed by OEM-trained technicians and yield a high repair success rate.

Minimize Business Risks by
Improving Network Resilience

  • Sustainability underpins all our actions. We are committed to advancing the life expectancy of your network infrastructure by leveraging the technical expertise and operational strengths of our team. Our engineering team will diagnose all issues and provide accurate cost estimates before proceeding with repairs. We charge nothing for items deemed irreparable.
  • Leveraging an onsite lab with duplicate test stations and a large inventory of parts on hand, we can repair single-point failures, repair routers and circuits, and replace faulty chips and switches. An assigned customer service agent will serve as your single point of contact to track the repair status. After completion of service, all equipment is tested and quality assured based on network deployment requirements.
  • Our team will also help you identify potential problems within the network. Knowing these details in advance can help you craft a proactive repair strategy to preempt network downturns and subsequent costly interventions. General refurbishment and fortressing services are offered based on consultation.

Significant Savings
and More

  • Fast turnaround times
  • 97% repair success rate
  • Dedicated account executives
  • Secure shipping and handling
  • One year warranty on all repairs

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