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What’s harder than building a data center? Taking one apart! Decommissioning or relocating a data center can take hundreds of hours and demands extreme project coordination. Therefore, the last thing many organizations want to spend time on is figuring out what to do with old data center equipment or where to purchase affordable replacement equipment.

At eNetwork Supply, we take the guesswork out of offloading legacy data center hardware and purchasing quality equipment. As a leader in telecommunications asset recovery and management services, our team is experienced in assisting organizations as they transform their data centers by helping to source new hardware and retire their decommissioned equipment.

Data Center Decommissioning and Asset Management Services

Legacy data center racks, switches, and other hardware often end up in long-forgotten warehouses or storage facilities. For many companies, this translates to the loss of valuable workspace. Storing old equipment may also require revenue expenditures to cover storage and warehouse fees.

At eNetwork Supply, we address these common data center decommissioning issues by offering streamlined, seamless, and stress-free data center decommissioning and sourcing services.

Turn Your Old Data Center Hardware Into Profit

Many data center solution providers charge organizations for disposing of their old data center equipment. However, here at eNetwork Supply, we help businesses turn their legacy data center into a profit-generating asset. We actively buy retired hardware, which allows companies to recoup equipment expenses and expend less revenue on asset management.

Selling your old legacy equipment can also give your business the opportunity to:

• Retain valuable building workspace
• Avoid storage and warehouse fees
• Fund new data center projects
• Limit team redundancies

Flexible Data Center Project Planning and Services

Data center decommissioning and equipment-sale projects require comprehensive planning. Improperly managed projects can result in critical data center outages and also open organizations to security risks.

Our data center decommissioning services include a systematic process that limits project risks. Whether you are seeking to retire a large data center or sell no-longer-needed equipment, we provide proper asset tracking and management to minimize outages, data loss, and security concerns.

We also offer flexible project planning options. eNetwork supply services range from fully managed solutions to data center relocation assistance to buyback-only services.


eNetwork Supply Fully Managed “White Glove” Data Center Decommissioning Service

Our fully managed solution is a complete white-glove service that will assist your organization with uninstalling, auditing, transporting, refurbishing, and selling your data center assets. Our eNetwork Supply fully managed decommissioning service also provides proper securement of old hardware by validating that no residual data remains on old equipment before refurbishing and reselling.

Steps for our full data center decommissioning service also include:

• Establishing the initial scope of work, budget specifications, and so on
• Itemizing all hardware and software assets, such as servers, racks, routers, switches, software licenses, and more
• Dependency mapping
• A fair evaluation of the value of equipment with a real-time, in-house pricing analysis tool
• And much more

With our fully managed solutions, we do the heavy lifting of decommissioning your data center and provide peace of mind for your data center projects.

Data Center Relocation Services

When a data center needs relocating, businesses have an optimal opportunity to start on a new slate for their data center hardware. In other words, data center relocation projects provide an opportunity to evaluate current data center assets and begin hardware refreshes.

Our team can assist with this process by helping to evaluate data center hardware throughout the equipment relocation process. When your team identifies hardware that it no longer needs at the new data center location, we can provide a valuation of your assets and simplify their liquidation.

The eNetwork Supply Buyback Services

A beneficial way to limit your data center upgrade costs is to sell your legacy data center hardware. Switches, routers, and server hardware can still be valuable well after use. Old hardware can be an easy way to recoup return on investment (ROI) for retired data center inventory.

At eNetwork Supply, we actively procure data center inventory and offer fair market evaluations for retired equipment. Organizations can sell their old equipment via consignment opportunities with our data center decommissioning services. In addition, you can sell old hardware through our generous buyback program for in-demand equipment.

Once the eNetwork Supply team buys your legacy equipment, we work to package and transport the equipment for you.

If you are interested in selling your company’s hardware, get a competitive offer today by clicking the “SELL TO US” button.

Purchase Quality Data Center Equipment With eNetwork Supply

Purchasing new hardware for your data center can be expensive. We invite you to limit your costs by purchasing high-quality new and refurbished hardware from us at eNetwork Supply. We have an extensive inventory of hardware and manufacturer options that can address your data center needs.

Do you have a limited equipment budget? Take a look at our refurb options.

Many organizations can minimize the cost of setting up new data centers by purchasing refurbished hardware. However, it can be difficult to validate the quality of refurb equipment, adding unnecessary risks and considerations to an already demanding process.

We thoroughly validate our refurbished hardware for functionality and data center use. So when you purchase equipment from our team, you can rest with the knowledge of having reliable refurb equipment.

eNetwork Warranty

Our team always strives to ship “ready to work” equipment to our customers. We also offer a limited-time warranty for any equipment you purchase through us at eNetwork Supply. In the event that you experience equipment failure with our products, we will repair or replace the product.

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