• Posted on Dec 10, 2022

Technology is evolving more now than ever before. One of the latest technological advancements is 5G telecommunications. This short guide by eNetwork Supply has everything you need to know about 5G rollouts in the United States.

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What Is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks. It connects wireless devices within a specific region known as a cell with a 5G base station. These 5G base stations are called gNodeBs and connect to switching centers within the cellular network.

5G is 30 times faster than 3G, ten times faster than 4G, and provides download speeds between 150 and 200Mbps. It also supports more cellular devices than its predecessors and lets users download complete HD movies in three minutes or less. 5G is on the cutting edge of cellular technology and becoming more widespread throughout the United States and parts of Europe.

5G utilizes millimeter waves to provide higher speeds, capacities, and throughputs. However, the mm-wave spectrum is much shorter compared to previous generations and struggles to pass through dense objects like buildings and trees, significantly reducing its range.

To combat the range issue, 5G networks use more antennas and smaller, more frequent cells. These antennas are much smaller, often only a couple of centimeters tall.

Benefits of 5G Rollouts

5G technology offers more benefits to users and often increases efficiency in specific industries. Below are some of the most prevalent advantages of 5G service.

Higher Speeds

5G is much faster than its predecessors and provides quicker download speeds and connection times. It has lower latency, allowing users to browse websites without experiencing lag. 5G also increases response times for specific industries, like the medical field, to provide faster, more efficient operations.

Easier Connection

Users can connect numerous electronic devices to 5G networks much easier than previous advancements, even in congested areas.

Operates Using C-Band Technology

5G networks operate on C-Band, which provides more bandwidth to users. It also increases internet and load speeds while providing a wider coverage range. C-Band has a 3.7 to 3.98 GHz band spectrum, making it an industry frontrunner.

Verizon and AT&T spent $44 billion and $23 billion, respectively, to obtain 5,600 C-Band licenses, making C-Band essential for modern telecommunication.

Cybersecurity and 5G

Although 5G provides numerous advantages to users, the increased number of IoT (Internet of Things) devices makes them more susceptible to data thieves, ransomware, hacking, and other cyber attacks. Unfortunately, many telecommunication companies don’t have the resources to combat these cyber threats since 5G is relatively new.

5G users are also more prone to cyber-attacks since companies have trouble adapting to the new technology. Experts advise 5G users to purchase anti-virus software and other cybersecurity enhancements for their 5G devices to prevent criminals from hacking and disrupting the apparatuses.

How 5G Affects 4G Devices

Technology experts built 5G networks over 4G systems, preventing the networks from working simultaneously. However, some 4G users may experience better connections and quick speeds while 5G rollouts occur, and the industry moves toward 5G networks.

The enhanced 4G speeds and connections transpire due to dynamic spectrum sharing. Dynamic spectrum sharing is when two networks share a spectrum band and carrier aggregation. 4G and 5G travel together through the spectrum band, improving 4G networks despite being separate entities.

It’s important to note that 4G networks are still in great demand and won’t close anytime soon. Millions of people still utilize 4G, and many places like London plan to expand 4G networks for numerous years. Telecommunications experts believe 4G support will continue through 2025; however, 2G and 3G support will become obsolete sooner rather than later.

5G Limitations

5G is still relatively new and far from a finished product. Although it’s incredibly promising, it has some limitations and issues that prevent it from reaching its full potential. Below are some prevalent disadvantages of 5G.

Limited Range

Due to its limited range, many rural areas don’t have 5G access. Although most urban environments have already experienced 5G rollouts, several rustic communities won’t receive 5G coverage for several years or longer.

Can’t Travel Through Dense Objects

Buildings, trees, and other dense objects hinder 5G since it can’t travel through them efficiently. Turbulent weather can also obstruct 5G coverage, significantly reducing internet speeds and load times.

Reduced Upload Speeds

Although 5G offers quicker download speeds, its upload times aren’t as efficient.

Utilizes More Battery Power

5G connections often deplete a phone or electrical device’s battery faster than its predecessors. The increased power requirements can cause the apparatus to emit more heat, making it more prone to overheating.

5G Mobile Plans Are More Expensive

5G’s fast load times and improved connectivity come at a price. Most 5G mobile plans carry expensive price tags that surpass many people’s budgets. 5G is also less common than 4G in most countries and doesn’t provide as widespread coverage as other networks.

Lacks Standardization

5G’s definition is exceedingly vague and isn’t standardized. It’s still progressing, and companies don’t fully grasp its capabilities. The lack of standards makes many hesitant about 5G and can cause the quality to change from country to country.

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