• Posted on Aug 7, 2022

Devices incapable of running wirelessly or that keep us tethered to our homes and offices are a thing of the past. The future is in going wireless and doing so with multiple devices simultaneously. Network systems must be capable of managing this increasing need.

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest answer to efficient network management. Contact eNetwork Supply, Skokie, IL, for more on how Wi-Fi 6 keeps consumers connected.

Wi-Fi 5 and Current Issues

Nearly ten years ago, Wi-Fi 5 was introduced with precisely what was needed to handle the network demand. For those whose network needs have not grown much over the years, Wi-Fi 5 is still more than sufficient. The problem is that the average home and office network user has a network demand nearly twice what it was then, and Wi-Fi 5 can’t keep up with that demand.

Wi-Fi 5 allowed users to connect to the internet at speeds up to a maximum of 6.1 Gbps. That speed capability was faster than most devices needed at the time and even faster than devices of today will ever need. The draw was in the possibility of connecting faster with newly added devices to utilize 6.1 gbps

Over the years, network users have understood that fast speeds for a single device on a network aren’t enough. With more household devices and appliances joining the network, very rarely is there only one device utilizing the network at any given time. Increased demand on the network from multiple devices diminishes network speeds because those devices have to share the limited network signal.

At the start of the Wi-Fi 5 era, the average household had up to five network-capable devices. That number has nearly doubled, with families averaging nine network-capable devices. With the migration to working and learning from home, that number is increasing.

Wi-Fi 6 Capabilities and Technology

Wi-Fi 6 was developed and known as 802.11ax, but the Wi-Fi Alliance renamed it for simplicity. Wi-Fi 6 is the advanced technology answer for efficient network management.

It’s Not About the Speed

Wi-Fi 6 does allow for connection speeds of up to 9.6 Gbps. While that is faster than anything offered before, that is a maximum speed that most devices will rarely reach or need. Some devices may see a minor increase in connectivity and speed, but that isn’t what makes Wi-Fi 6 an efficient network manager.


The most significant benefit of Wi-Fi 6 isn’t running and connecting faster; the benefit is maintaining those speeds despite multiple devices vying for network time.

MU-MIMO stands for multi-user, multi-input, and multi-output. MU-MIMO technology allows multiple devices to provide input and output to the network simultaneously without interfering with each other’s capabilities. Where Wi-Fi 5 was able to manage up to four devices without significantly impacting the speed on any one of those devices, Wi-Fi 6 can manage up to eight.

Managing more devices more efficiently reduces latency time by up to 75%. The ability to communicate with multiple devices while maintaining speed also eliminates the difference between hard-wired and wireless systems, with both running effectively at the same time.


Latency time is also improved by using access point colors to identify specific networks or overlapping basic service sets (OBSS). Traffic from distant networks that overlap the current network but do not match the access point color is ignored by the network system, saving the system from wasting time and bandwidth elsewhere.


Not only can Wi-Fi 6 manage more devices on a network without impacting speed, but it can also better manage the communications to those devices.

OFDMA stands for orthogonal frequency division multiple access. This technology makes it possible to send numerous signals and allows various devices to share the same signal. With OFDMA, Wi-Fi 6 enables the user network to sync up and communicate simultaneously with more than one device.

Target Wake Time

Target wake time refers to brief intermittent communications with smaller devices such as smart home hubs.  These smaller devices do not need constant contact with the network. With target wake times, the network checks in with these smaller systems to keep them updated and synced up when required.

Reaching out to these kinds of devices only when needed reduces the size of the overall bandwidth required to communicate with all the devices on the network.

Other Benefits from Wi-Fi 6 Advancements

Managing multiple devices, maintaining speed, and communicating more efficiently aren’t the only benefits of a Wi-fi 6 upgrade.

Increased Battery Life

With target wake time technology reducing the need for devices to remain in constant communications with the network, the time needed to power up these device antennas is also reduced. This power reduction limits battery needs, extending the battery life for each device.

Increased Security Features

The Wi-Fi 6 upgrade comes with better overall security due to the advancement of Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3) technology. WPA3 adds a level of protection from hackers, making it less likely for them to guess or use password information.

You Don’t Have to Upgrade Everything All At Once

To get the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, your network and devices must be Wi-Fi 6 compatible. For example, data compatible Wi-Fi 6 devices running on a Wi-Fi 6 capable network will operate on 160 MHz channels that offer speeds up to three times that of Wi-Fi 5 systems. Devices not Wi-Fi 6 compatible will not see this change even on a Wi-Fi 6 system.

There is no need to upgrade everything right away. Modern devices will automatically come compatible with Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, and consumers can wait to update their devices when they routinely would.

Consumers will need to consider upgrading their network routers. Wi-Fi 6-compatible devices will benefit from speed sustainability on Wi-Fi 6 wireless routers.

eNetwork Supply and Wi-Fi 6

eNetwork Supply is a telecommunication industry leader in asset management, testing, repair, and recovery services. We deal in new and pre-owned network equipment, understanding that our customers must maintain up-to-date equipment and wi-fi standards. Once updated, we maintain your system with continued support from our friendly and professional staff.

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