• Posted on Feb 10, 2022

Why keep old telecom equipment (both buy and sell options apply)? If there is unused telecom equipment taking up space at the office, warehouse, basement, or storage locker, it might surprise you to know that it carries significant value, no matter how old it is. Selling telecom equipment to reputable suppliers like eNetwork Supply offers companies many benefits, from increased savings to a reduced environmental footprint.

Here is how partnering with a trustworthy telecom equipment supplier like eNetwork Supply is better for everyone.

Nine Great Benefits of Selling Used Telecom Equipment

If telecom equipment is becoming a headache at home or around the office, a reliable team like eNetwork Supply can help. We buy telecom equipment and wireless solutions at market prices, allowing local businesses to move on to better things. Here are nine ways to take advantage of our service so that you can stop worrying about adding to landfills or sitting on money-saving opportunities.

1. Making Back Money is Quick and Simple

Why add to landfills when your company can sell used telecom equipment for a tidy financial return? Throwing equipment away or storing it is not worth anyone’s time; rather, use the cash flow for unique endeavors or upgrading existing telecom solutions.

2. Boosting Savings Frees Up Resources

When it comes to older telecom equipment, both buy and sell options bring savings benefits. Storing, maintaining, and repairing old equipment adds up quickly, whereas selling it to services like ours saves money, space, and random spare parts. Using the space and extra money for a more efficient telecom system in the office is also easy with the trade-in options on advanced equipment.

3. Uplifting Local Business Networks Connects Communities

Many small-to-medium businesses purchase slightly outdated options to save money for the expansion of their companies. By selling outdated equipment, any local company can benefit other companies in the area.

Trading equipment with another company enables them to upgrade their telecom solutions while you expand your own at a discount. Both parties will:

  • Save money
  • Find the equipment they need
  • Establish trust relationships with equipment providers and more

You sell to eNetwork Supply, and other businesses in the local network benefit from the high-quality, refurbished telecom equipment you no longer need.

4. Handling Obscure or Discontinued Equipment is Easy

There is also an option to sell telecom equipment to help other companies source the hard-to-find parts and equipment they need. Telecom equipment providers sell surplus parts at affordable prices. This service is especially helpful where technological advances have made these discontinued parts scarce.

Our top professional tip is to skip the manufacturers’ inventory and go directly to a surplus telecom equipment buyer for parts. Resellers like us will help locate parts and alert you when crucial equipment arrives.

5. Recycling Equipment Becomes the Norm

A surprising number of companies improperly dispose of telecom equipment, but recycling wireless solutions remains the best choice. It reduces your environmental impact and saves significant amounts of energy. Recycling telecom solutions properly also prevents further groundwater and air contamination.

Telecom equipment (both buy and sell options) could have valuable metals, such as gold and copper, but these items also contain heavy metals, plastics, and harmful chemicals. Telecom providers like us will properly dispose of this equipment or refurbish it for resale where possible, preventing further damage to Mother Nature.

Implementing green business practices will also:

  • Encourage your brand’s supporters to take action against climate change
  • Improve the return on investment
  • Attract business that aligns with your company’s values
  • Position you as a “green” company that cares about its global impact

6. Increasing Storage Space Adds Value

Between phones, computers, and broadband solutions, telecom equipment requires significant storage space. Selling used equipment makes room for new arrivals, and you can still profit from old telephones and outdated systems. You won’t need expensive warehouse and storage lockers, and businesses can use those newly liberated storage areas for other profitable endeavors or upgraded telecom solutions.

7. Working with Verified Companies Brings Peace of Mind

Finding the best resellers and telecom solutions providers does not need to be a challenge with reputable partners like eNetwork Supply available. Selling old equipment through us can help you pinpoint the most trustworthy companies and locate used parts suppliers within an accessible local network. The purchasing experience becomes straightforward with an experienced buyer and reseller and verified companies for the best parts and products at lower prices.

Many providers like us also offer equipment trades and easy access to hard-to-locate parts.

8. Safe Data Extractions Protect Your Interests

Telecom data is valuable to many industries, especially to improve marketing strategies. However, companies often express concerns about where the data from their telecom equipment goes after they sell it. What if a buyer leaks that data?

Trusted buyers work with professional data experts to thoroughly remove data from your old network hardware, including computers and other devices. A reputable service like eNetwork Supply would never sell information to data centers, telemarketers, or government agencies; we erase it or return it to you after extraction.

9. Telecom Equipment Buyers Benefit Too

There is a final benefit for responsibly getting rid of telecom equipment (both buy and sell platforms offer recycling and refurbishing options). Did you know that telecom equipment buyers also benefit from these sales? Anyone can use this platform to refurbish and resell equipment or use damaged pieces for spare parts. It avoids having to manufacture parts, and the suppliers can deliver directly to the new buyers without increasing their carbon footprint.

The approach provides a way to safely dispose of electronics through recycling or responsible maintenance programs without contributing to landfills or air pollution. It also saves a lot of money in the long run.

Buy and Sell Telecom Equipment Responsibly with eNetwork Supply

If your company wants to manage, buy, or sell telecom equipment, both buy and sell options provide plenty of benefits for the business community as a whole. You have the benefit of knowing that your choice will be helping other businesses, inspiring new programs, attracting consistent business, and saving money and storage space. The environment will thank you, and your reduced expenses for equipment repair and maintenance should be just as rewarding.

Contact eNetwork Supply at 312-283-5983; there is no longer a good reason to hang on to that old telecom equipment (both buy and sell options offer numerous benefits to local businesses in Skokie, IL).