• Posted on Apr 15, 2022

Bandwidth is a crucial aspect of network infrastructure that contributes to online performance. Many internet users have no idea what bandwidth is or why it’s so important but use it every day to play video games, stream their favorite shows, or control their home security system.

In this article, eNetwork Supply breaks down everything you need to know about bandwidth and why we need it.

Understanding Bandwidth

When you sign up for an internet subscription, typically, they will list average network speeds and data transfer rates. This way, you can select a network plan that works for the number of devices you have.

However, without understanding what bandwidth is and what it measures, it’s easy to make the wrong decision when choosing an internet package. Our experts provide essential information on bandwidth and detail the top bandwidth-using culprits.

What Is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the amount of data that transfers over the internet in a certain amount of time. Higher data transfer rates are necessary for households or businesses with many connected devices, such as smartphones, laptops, security systems, and gaming consoles. The more devices you have on a single network, the more bandwidth you’ll need.

It’s common for people to confuse bandwidth with internet speeds. Bandwidth measurements are in megabits per second, or Mbps. Bandwidth describes the amount of data your devices can transfer over a network, while internet speed describes how quickly your device can receive information.

Most Common Bandwidth Users

Different devices and activities require different amounts of bandwidth to transfer data and provide a smooth experience successfully. The most common and aggressive bandwidth users include:

  • Streaming services: High-quality TV and video streaming services are among the top bandwidth users. Services like Netflix and Hulu that offer 4K UHD video require higher bandwidth rates of at least 25Mbps. Lower definition rates require significantly less bandwidth.
  • Video conferencing software: Bandwidth requirements for video calls aren’t as high as with other video-heavy activities, but these calls still benefit from a high transfer rate. Average bandwidth levels for video conferencing should be no lower than 8Mbps to ensure smooth video downloads and uploads of 1.5Mbps or more to broadcast video and audio successfully.
  • Online gaming: Interacting with 3D graphics and video at high display rates requires large amounts of bandwidth to avoid lag and get a smooth playing experience. Depending on your console, you may need a low minimum speed or have higher demands. An overall home bandwidth of 25 to 50Mbps or more will be sufficient for all gaming.
  • Cloud backup solutions: Suitable bandwidth for uploading files to cloud storage starts at around 5Mbps, but you may need more depending on the file types you are uploading. Typically, you should have a download bandwidth 20% higher than the upload rate.

Bandwidth and Speed

Bandwidth eventually runs out if you have many devices using the same network. With frequent network hardware advancements, bandwidth is improving. You can get an internet package with data transfer speeds at gigabit rates instead of megabit rates and get ten times faster performance.

Your home or business can significantly improve online performance with an updated internet system. On a gigabit bandwidth plan, the average download speeds for a two-hour movie are just 25 seconds! Telecom equipment providers such as eNetwork Supply can help you upgrade your Broadband solutions to match your devices’ demands.

Why Is Bandwidth Necessary?

Bandwidth is necessary to ensure your devices and internet connectivity meet your needs. As new gadgets and technology come with increasing performance demands for asset-heavy content, overall network demands follow, spurring many people to get new Broadband equipment. With network demands rising by 50% yearly, bandwidth requirements also increase.

Without ample bandwidth, you will get poor performance across telecom equipment, network equipment, and more.

Higher Network Demands

Since the internet’s inception, users have had significant growth in bandwidth requirements. As technology improves with time, these demands will only increase. More people will incorporate more technology into their daily lives, meaning the ten to 20Mbps bandwidth requirement you have now could quickly expand tenfold.

Bandwidth is necessary to keep up with these demands. However, without knowing how to determine your bandwidth needs, you will have a more challenging time choosing an internet package with a suitable bandwidth rate without knowing how to assess your bandwidth needs.

Determining Your Bandwidth Needs

If you’re unsure how much bandwidth you need, your internet service provider can recommend a plan based on the number of devices in your home or business. If it’s been many years since your last upgrade, you may need a complete rehaul. Wireless solutions experts can inspect your setup and optimize it.

Each device uses a certain amount of bandwidth. You can find details on your devices’ bandwidth requirements online. List all gaming consoles, smartphones, and other devices in your home and how much bandwidth each requires, then add them and divide by the number of devices to find the average bandwidth requirement.

Signs You Need More Bandwidth

Even with an upgraded system, you may still need additional bandwidth. Quality network routers and modems are only half of the system. More bandwidth is necessary if you’re experiencing symptoms such as:

  • Slow loading times and lag while gaming
  • Blurry video while streaming at high definitions
  • Cloud upload or download failures
  • Frequent internet outages
  • Significantly reduced internet speeds while multiple people are using it

With each new device, you add to your network, your bandwidth requirements increase. Ensuring you have enough bandwidth before adding new gadgets or equipment will prevent these issues.

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